The meaning of the Huichol symbols

Nov 7, 2019

The Huichol communicate with their Gods through the consumption of peyote in rituals. The result of these spiritual journeys is translated into art. Art that is created to transmit the teachings of their Gods. One of the ways that the artists communicate their Gods’ messages is through symbols. The following are some of the most commonly used symbols in Huichol art and their meanings:

Due to their mythology, deer are very important animals. According to one of their legends, a blue deer guided the people to the sacred land where they discovered peyote.

It means life and the order of the world. To the Huichol, peyote allows communication between men and the Gods.

Eye of God
“Nierika” in Wixárika, is a type of portal that communicates this world with the world of the Gods.

Tatewari” in wixárika. The literal translation is grandfather fire. It’s the main deity and the first mara’akame or shaman.

“Mara’akame” in Wixárika. The literal translation is “the one who knows how to dream”. The shamans are represented in different ways, and each way represents a particular ritual.

The protector of “Tatewari”, grandfather fire.

A bridge of communication between Gods and men.

“Tau” in Wixárika, is one of the main Gods.