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New Arrivals

Our creations are completely unique given their one of a kind designs. Learn more about the latest pieces of our collection.


The adaptation of the word Wixárika to Náhuatl lead to the term “huitzol”, which was then adapted to Spanish and resulted in Huichol.

This ethnic group is one of the few that has managed to remain pure in spite of the Spanish Conquest.

Our mission is to empower the Huichol, for it is very important that the artists are given credit for their work and do not remain anonymous. Therefore, each piece includes a certificate of authenticity with the full name of the artist that created it.

Our art is not only our passion, but our heritage


The Wixárika create art to communicate their Gods’ sacred teachings through the use of symbols and colors. Their mystical rituals include peyote consumption and could be described as “spiritual journeys” that open a portal between their world and their Gods’ to receive their divine messages.


Interesting stories of the Huichol world, latest news, events and more.

PGA Tour Sponsors

PGA Tour Sponsors

In December 2017, Nativo Huichol proudly sponsored the international event “Go Vacaciones Cup Cozumel”, where PGA Tour Canada and PGA Tour Latin America participated. Finally, PGA Tour Latin America resulted victoriously and took home a one of a kind wooden jaguar...

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The meaning of the Huichol symbols

The meaning of the Huichol symbols

The Huichol communicate with their Gods through the consumption of peyote in rituals. The result of these spiritual journeys is translated into art. Art that is created to transmit the teachings of their Gods. One of the ways that the artists communicate their Gods’...

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